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Put Your Trailer on a Diet — Because the weight you lose on your trailer is the weight you gain in your load. Having weight in your trailer costs you money, hauling more load puts money in your pocket. Who can argue with that?

Versatile Design —Use it as a flatbed for a lightweight payload, or flip it to a hopper for bulk loads!

Hopper Flat

Loaded with features unique to Western Trailers®, our hoppered flat trailers are the ultimate hauler. The built-in hoppers on this tough flatbed allow you to carry a wider range of products on the same trailer.

Using it as a flatbed, you'll find that you have the same payload and lightweight you've come to expect from Western Trailers®. Then, fold the sides up and remove the floor sections and you've got a hopper trailer ready for bulk loads.

Hopper Flat Demonstration

 Trailer NameStock #ConditionPriceDealershipEmailPhoneDescriptionHiddenImage 1Image 2Image 3Image 4Image 5Image 6CategoryLast Updated (UTC)
 1543892016 36' & 20' Western Hopper Flat Set5DN-11362-0-GB001067 & GB001069Used$55,500Used 2016 36' & 20' Western Hopper Flat Set IMG_8649 Hopper Flat.jpgHopper Flat,Hopper8/15/2023 4:58 PM

Features included on all Western Hopper Flats

  • Unitized high strength steel mainframe that is completely painted before any aluminum is attached.
  • Extruded aluminum floor with 2 wood nail boards.
  • Six Removable Floor Sections over Hopper Area.
  • Self-Cleaning Cross members in the Hopper Area.
  • Stainless Steel Rear bumper filler

Featured Products

  • Dura-Light™ hubs
  • Hendrickson Intraax™ suspension
  • Jost™ landing gear
  • Michelin™ tires
  • Trucklite™ lights and wiring harnesses
  • Sealco™ air valves
  • Wabco™ anti lock brake systems



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