Western Trailers® also builds custom trailers to meet the needs of the specialty markets, military and aerospace industries. 

We know our trailers have hauled virtually everything and everywhere. Unlike some competitor models, our trailers are expertly engineered from the wheels up. Our superior design is the result of an ongoing review of product specifications, performance data, and input from our valued customers. 

A prime example of our construction commitment to continuous improvement is our self-cleaning aluminum top rails and lower rails. This virtually eliminates all painted steel on the trailer, leaving only the king pin section, landing gear, rear sub frame and axles as painted steel. Our goal is to maximize your total package to ensure and optimum light-weight payload.

If you damage a sidewall, our innovative sheet and post construction allows localized repairs to be made quickly and easily. Our CNC-controlled punch press allows you to order pre-punched panels for even faster repairs and shorter downtime.

We are continuously expanding and are always striving to make technological improvements at our facilities to offer our customers the best products and services available in the industry. This attention to detail is your assurance of an extended service life and minimized maintenance.

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