I-Beam Couplers

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Check print packet and parts for accuracy; parts and part count match print.
Check front bar and both I-Beam prints. **NOTE: this is a common problem - ALWAYS CHECK!
Layout bottom coupler plate.
Kingpin type and number; weld in.
Place I-Beam flattest side down.
Clean burn throughs - check for square.
The web-weld site to the rear of coupler. Wire HD holes are to the roadside of coupler.
Center longitudinal's as tacked square; place front bar loose, and plumb front bar with I-Beam stiffener on front.
Measure to print; tack in place.
Floor strips on I-Beam as shown on print.
Tack in toe braces, gussets and clips - weld out into position.
Flip bevel I-beam ends; weld plug holes.
Stamp curbside bottom 24" on center with trailers number.
Front floor strip or compressor bar welded to front bar using Compression Bar Jig and clamping to I-beam stiffener.
Z-bars as shown, if applicable.
Weld front bar outside bottom of coupler plate; five (5) places, 3" welds.
Record trailer number; Kingpin data and type and your "ANS" in log book.
Additional photos.
The process is now complete. TEAM LEADER SIGN-OFF.